Wet Lab to get quick experiment results

Today with new innovation in technology and changing time there are a lot of changes brought in the science sector. The list of types in laboratory has increased, which has made things easy for common man and researchers. Wet Labs are one such kind which are becoming very popular among the industries as well as universities. Almost 50% of the universities today worldwide have a wet lab in their premises which is equipped with the most recent tools and technology.

The best thing about this lab is all the experiments here are conducted with the help of water which not only provides the best results but also is quite challenging and exciting for the students and experimenter. These labs have things kept in their liquid, gaseous and solid form. Also there are various kind of drugs, medicines and chemicals stored in these labs. The students who conduct their experiments in this lab are been given live examples rather than bookish knowledge which allows them to conduct each and every experiment in a complete way without any kind of doubt or trouble. These labs keep changing their tools with time which allow the students and researchers to have a hand on the latest technology introduced in the science world. The experiments which are undertaken in this lab provide you quick and effective results as desired. Today, you can find that most of the companies are making use of this lab to conduct their industrial experiments.


Cadaver Lab

At the MARC Institute a variety of questions and doubts from various professionals can be clarified through research and immediate hands-on fresh frozen specimen in our state-of-the-art cadaver lab. These results then become answers and become shared knowledge with hundreds of other professionals.

Education in the Cadaver Lab

Lecture classes can only get you so far when it comes to learning new surgical techniques or how to use certain medical devices. Marc Institute is dedicated to providing students with the real hands-on experience they need to apply what they’re learning in our courses.

If you’re not enrolled in a course and doing research, the the M.A.R.C. Institute Cadaver Lab provides the opportunity to quickly raise, and answer all the questions that come up during the course of conducting medical research by using real models. The end result is transforming doubts into certainties and applying this newly acquired knowledge in daily professional settings.

Developing a Patent?

Have an Invention Idea and don’t know where to go?

There are many physicians with great new product and/or methods which would significantly help healthcare standards and practices throughout the world. The MARC Institute has in-house resources and capabilities to turn your ideas from a dream to a reality.